on 09 Mar 2021 9:12 AM
  • LIFE ReNatural
  • Dirección General de Arquitectura
On the 13th of November, the Conference "Nature-based Solutions for the Adaptation of Buildings to Climate Change" was held in the city of Badajoz. This conference was presented as an opportunity to learn about the impact and functionality of "Natured-Based Solutions" as tools for local adaptation to climate change in buildings and cities. In this event, the Directorate General of Architecture presented the LIFE ReNatural NZEB project, within the block of Regional Strategies for Adaptation to Climate Change in Extremadura for 2030. The conference also included specialised presentations on the impact of climate change on buildings, general adaptation strategies, and specific and innovative technology in the field of "Nature-Based Solutions" such as green roofs or vertical gardens, understood as climate adaptation measures. The consequences of climate change in buildings directly affect the well-being of the occupants, so it is essential to raise awareness of this issue. To this end, the Directorate General of Architecture is trying to contribute to the transmission of the importance of the problem and the consequences of climate change, especially in buildings, but also to inform about measures with which we can mitigate and adapt to it.