on 09 Mar 2021 8:57 AM
  • LIFE ReNatural NZEB

The I EUROACE Ecodesign Meeting is a space conceived to bring together committed and innovative minds from EUROACE with the main objective of raising awareness about ECODESIGN and the opportunities it offers for the improvement of business competitiveness, as well as the actions that can be promoted for its development.

The I EUROACE Ecodesign Meeting was structured in two days. The first, held on the 30th, presented different innovative initiatives linked to ECODESIGN, ideas and opportunities for all types of agents in the EUROACE territory. The second day, held on the 31st, brought together a wide range of training and information on current trends in ECODESIGN.

On this second day, URVIPEXSA partners and the Directorate General for Architecture presented the LIFE ReNatural NZEB project. During the presentation, special emphasis was put on the countless possibilities for innovation and entrepreneurship within the construction sector: new natural and recycled building materials, innovative building systems, development and improvement of near-zero energy building models, implementation of bioclimatic design strategies, development of green and circular economy patterns within the construction sector.