on 09 Mar 2021 9:17 AM
  • LIFE iCirBus 4Industries
  • LIFE ReNatural NZEB
  • Dirección General de Arquitectura
The conference, held on 3 March and organised by the partners of the LIFE iCirBus 4Industries project, was presented as an opportunity to share Circular Economy initiatives and projects in industrial processes. At the beginning of the day, the Circular Economy Strategy 2030 in Extremadura, developed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory of the Regional Government of Extremadura, was presented. Then, the Association for the Sustainability and Progress of Societies (ASYPS) commented on the main aspects of the situation and evolution of the Circular Economy in Spain. After this introduction, the LIFE iCirBus 4Industries project presented the preliminary results of the project, whose main objective is to help solve the problems of waste management from Biomass Plants (Fly Ash) and Water Treatment Plants (Sewage Sludge), with a significant impact on the environment. At the end of the day, a networking space is reserved to present other projects and create possible synergies between them and their partners. In this context, the Directorate General for Architecture presented the LIFE ReNatural NZEB project, its scope, objectives and results achieved to date. In addition, the projects "Interreg SUDOE CircRuRal4.0 - Towards a circular and smart approach to wastewater management in rural areas" and "Interreg CEMOWAS2 - Circular management and ecosystems of organic waste and wastewater services" were presented in this space.