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LNEG (Laboratório Nacional de Energia e Geologia) and AEDES (Spanish Solar Energy Association) announce to the Iberoamerican technical and scientific community, the XVII Iberian Congress and XIII Iberoamerican Solar Energy Congress in Lisbon (virtually) from 3 to 5 November 2020. The Congress will take place in a year when new goals for Renewable Energies are set, as a result of the commitments of the Paris Agreement, in which Renewable Energies are called to play a fundamental role in the defence of the Planet and environmental sustainability for future generations. The Congress themes, the Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee are presented, as well as the most important dates in the calendar for the presentation of papers and registration.

The Iberian Solar Energy Congress has been held at venues in Spain and Portugal since 1982, and has been held in conjunction with the Ibero-American Solar Energy Congress in ten of its sixteen editions. It is therefore the most important congress with the longest tradition in the field of solar energy in Spanish and Portuguese.

The Congress featured 18 Technical Sessions, organised into three themes:

- Renewable energies in the transition of the energy system.

- Renewable energies in the sustainable development of communities.

- Renewable energies in society and economy.

Link: https://agenda.uib.es/37904/section/21331/xvii-congreso-iberico-y-xiii-congreso-iberoamericano-de-energia-solar.html