on 09 Mar 2021 12:52 PM
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The LIFE ReNatural NZEB project is organising a series of five free online training courses for professionals in the construction sector.

1. Sustainability, green-circular economy and climate analysis. 20h] Students will be introduced to the concepts of sustainability and green and circular economy, studying their advantages, regulatory trends, environmental impact analysis methods and analysing reference examples. In addition, students will learn how to choose the most appropriate bioclimatic architecture strategies to achieve thermal comfort conditions in dwellings and buildings located in a given climate zone.

2. Tools for the calculation of solar thermal and photovoltaic installations. 20h] The basic principles of solar energy, the typologies of uses and technologies, the design and sizing of solar installations, both thermal and photovoltaic, will be dealt with. In addition, the physical bases of thermal and photovoltaic solar energy, the components of the installations and the calculations necessary for their sizing will be studied. Recognised computer programmes will be used to facilitate the design process.

3. Tools for Energy Certification. 30h] This course will teach various computer programmes that allow the verification of section HE of the CTE and the energy certification of buildings.

4. Energy simulation with Design Builder. 30h] The Design Builder programme is a software that allows to make simulations and energy evaluations in buildings. In this course, students will learn to model and parametrically define buildings and spaces, as well as to calculate their energy demand, determine the best components and enclosures for buildings, simulate bioclimatic strategies, incorporate renewable energies and verify natural and mechanical ventilation systems.

5. Energy simulation and life cycle analysis with CYPE. 30h] This course will allow students to carry out an energy simulation of a building, designing and dimensioning both the envelope and the air conditioning installations. They will work on a 3D model of the building integrated with the different elements.

Once the training has been completed, participants will receive a certificate of achievement. Registration can be done via the following link: https://www.moodle-liferenatural.es/login/index.php

For further information, please contact us via the following e-mail address renaturalnzeb@gmail.com